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Daureen (Bath City, UK)
Having recently had an intolerance test and finding I have an intolerance to wheat I have removed it from my diet. To my delight I have found that my stomach has settled down and is no longer squiffy!!
Instead of filled rolls/pastries from the bakers for lunch I have now made the effort to make a variety of salads (works out cheaper than buying sarnies and pastries) to have at lunch time and have felt so much better for doing so.
Well... I did slip slightly and whilst in France on holiday as I could not resist some wonderful pastries and breads - oops what a mistake - Thomas the Tank Engine returned and I felt so uncomfortable as a result!!
I now know what has been causing the bloating, uncomfortable feelings etc in the past.
It has taken a bit to adjust to a new eating habit but believe me it is worth it and I feel so much better for it. I have found more energy to do even more exercise and as a result the last time I checked had lost 1/2 a stone!!
It really is worth finding out what your body does and doesn't like. It's like trying to make a petrol engine run on diesel!!!

Abigail (Bath City, UK)
Just thought I would let you know my progress. I am feeling much better since cutting out wheat and have lost weight too. I wanted to say a big thankyou for all of your advice.

Karen (Bath City, UK)
Comment: I am pleased to say since the allergy consultation, I have noticed improvements in my general health. I had a yeast and sugar intolerance and was slightly deficient in a couple of vitamins and minerals and had a bizarre allergy towards candles. Your theory on the paraffin in candles seems to make sense and having cut wine out almost completely I've had no sinus problems since. I now have soda bread for breakfast and have found a reduced sugar jam which has been great. I'm also eating wholewheat pasta where possible, little fruit, usually apples and strawberries and no mushrooms. I have noticed a slight improvment in my digestion system but not sure if this is due to the vitamin products you recommended (all of which I am taking) or the change in the diet, probably a bit of both. All in all am very pleased I came to see you and found the consultation to be very beneficial and value for money.

Margaret (Bath City, UK)
The consultation was just as I hoped it would be. Donna was very efficient in sorting out an appointment which was as convenient as it could be for me. The results of the allergy testing made a lot of sense and were very helpful in giving me pointers as to how to proceed. The dietary advice was just what I needed and helped me to make sense of what could have been rather daunting.

Sarah (Bath City, UK)
I was very pleased with the consultation despite the fact that it came up that I am allergic to red wine! I found it very interesting and useful and I am now cutting out the red wine, cows cheese and yogurt and I feel better for it. The bloating that I was experiencing before has subsided too.

Sally (Bath City, UK)
I came to see you about six weeks ago. Just thought I would drop you a line to give you an update and to thank you for your help.
I have been on the new diet regime for five weeks now and I am feeling so much better in myself. My energy levels I am sure have improved, I wake up easier in the mornings too.
My stomach spasms, the original reason for the visit, are much much better, they have not completely stopped but I believe that if I continue, that they should stop totally.
I have lost about a stone in weight so far and I hope this continues,people have commented that my eyes and skin look so much brighter.
I have cut out the wheat and have also cut out the cows milk, dairy based chocolate, yoghurts and cows cheese. I eat the Alpro yogurts and sometimes goats cheese now. I am drinking plenty of water during the day (with a very small dash of squash) and I only drink decaf tea or coffee or herbal teas or ginger and honey drinks. I also am having plenty of fruit, veg and nuts. (Is this the same person I hear you asking yourself!!)
Thank you for the information you gave me on the 'boils', you are the first person to have known anything about this. I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and advice.

Helen (Bath City, UK)
Since seeing you on Monday I have given up wine and bread, I have been really good and have lost 2lbs which is marvelous. I am already feeling the benefits of giving up these two things and since reading more into the disease I am so focused now to give up yeast and wheat and have found that some of the bigger supermarkets have a huge range of Free From.
So thank you once again, and I will be back in touch in a couple of months to be retested by the dietx machine

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