The Green Smoothy Revolution

The Ultimate Health Revolution.

The most nutritient packed, calcium rich meal on the planet

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Ever feel all that cooked food is getting you down, leaving you feeling washed out and tired, especially in the winter months?.

Well that’s because it is not good to cook too much food. When you expose food to heat levels of around 200°C, proteins begin to denature and all goodness in the food is eliminated, in effect you are feeding your body a slightly carcinogenic (in burnt fried cases) and nutrient devoid concoction.

Dr. Kouchakoff, Institute of Clinical Chemistry Switzerland, studied the simple observation of the digestive leukocytosis and made an amazing discovery, he found that unaltered food (i.e. food that had not been overheated, or refined) caused no reaction in the blood. But food that had been heated beyond a certain temperature (unique to each food), or food that was processed, always caused a rise in the number of white blood cells. He called this not a digestive leukocytosis, but a pathological leukocytosis – a reaction to a foreign invader!!
Leukocytosis: [a raised white blood cell count (the leukocyte count) above the normal range in the blood]

The revolution of the Green Power Smoothy is one that has been around for a while since circa 2004. It was first happened upon by a Victoria Boutenko, who created the Raw Family movement which she believes literally saved her ailing family.

I personally know of Plant Based Diet bodybuilders and athletes, some weighing in at over 15stones (215lbs) that consume these smoothies sometimes as meal replacements. Yet they maintain AND grow muscle mass. That’s right, human males can grow muscle on 45-50g of plant protein per day!!!

So what’s the deal?.

Basically dietitians and so called government health advisors (usually recommending meat as the staple protein diet) have been “educating” the public about the multiple benefits of greens, but it was not clear how to incorporate fresh greens into everyone’s daily diet.
As people age in todays mineral stripped world, there becomes an issue of lowering levels of Hydrochloric acid and peptides required to break down cellulose in the plants, this is mostly always due to mineral deficiencies, especially zinc. In turn a distaste for all things green ensues.
So it is that a viscious circle is set in place, that humans will reject plant based foods as a staple and move on to the plethora of junk laden and plastic “zero nutrition” food stuffs forced upon us and so it is that a slippery slope of deteriorating physical health begins.

Enter the Green Smoothy

It’s a revolution, but quite simply the most simple one of modern times. Upon observing the behaviour of animals in their natural habitat, especially Bonobos and Chimps (96-98% DNA similarity to humans and predominantly plant based eaters!!), Victoria Boutenko was able to observe that primates too require vegetation in their diet.
What she saw, was that these primates would literally pick up their favourite fruits and wrap them in leaves (to disguise the taste of the greens) BUT THEY KNOW THEY REQUIRE THE VITAMIN AND MINERAL RICH GREENS!!
Upon seeing this Victoria realised the connection and decided to attempt a blended version (for ease of consumption) of what the Monkeys and Bonobos had taught her.

Quite simply, the Green Smoothies for example, blended with a banana, were much more palatable…success!!!

Smoothies have since been blended with seeds and some soft nuts, dates, avocados grapes and so forth to create amazing tasting smoothies blended with water or a milk alternative (almond milk)….not only do they taste great, but deliver a big punch of nutritional value, plant calcium (retained by the body), enzymes and so on and so forth…the benefits are too great to ignore.

It’s such an affordable, low cost and simplistic option to aleviate so much of the ill health in todays society, that a government would never quickly rush to endorse it. A power packed, great tasting (even for those with a sweet tooth) drink that delivers maximum nutrition and plant calcium that doesn’t deplete bone density (subject of “hypercalciuria” covered in this on site video Click to View to see an overview of our videos Click Here).

Please visit Victoria’s website for more information and smoothy recipe ideas: Raw Family movement

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